It’s Mike here again, back with a plan that is not only different but is also unique and exciting. Let’s discuss industrial style wood slat closet systems today.

wood slat closet

Let’s get down to our list of shopping that is required to go ahead with the project

The following details are included for individual leg support. For this plan, you will need two leg supports and an additional one for every 3-foot milestone. Make sure you have plywood boards with the following measurements before you get set to start the job.

  • 1X4 | 8 Feet | 2 No’s
  • 2X4S |64″ | 1 No | For Shelf Support

Measurements for Shelves

  • 1X4 | 4 No’s | Consider Length of Closet/Shelf
  • One may consider having additional set of 1X4s | Required for smaller shelves
  • Screws | 1 ½”
  • Screws | 2 ½”
  • Wood Glue

 List of Must-Have Tools

  • Speed Square
  • Tape Measure
  • Safety Glasses
  • Pencil
  • Miter Saw
  • Brad Nailer
  • Hearing Protection
  • Drill
  • Table Saw

Helpful precautionary checklist

  • Ensure you work on a clean surface
  • Do not allow debris in your work surroundings
  • Always ensure the boards are neat and straight
  • Use finish nail-glue combinations to ensure firm hold
  • Practice pre-drilling holes wherever necessary
  • Work smart, be safe

It is always advisable to read the entire plan more than once and grasp the contents thoroughly before starting the activities.

Let’s understand the Dimensions of the project

The beauty of this closet is it can be customized to any length of your choice. Nevertheless, one should always ensure leg supports are placed every 3 feet in order to avoid the shelves from sagging.

Cut List/Leg Support:

  • 2X4 | 15 ½” | 4 No’s

For shelf supports, one should be careful with the measurements and it is advisable to have the pipes measured. This step is necessary to understand the depth of the closet that is required for the iron pipe closet rods.

1X4 | 81 ½” | 2 No’s

These measurements are for the legs. One can shorten these depending on their need.


  • 1X4s/Each Shelf | Cut to length of the closet

For Smaller Shelves

  • 2X4 | 15 ½” | 2 No’s
  • 1X4 | 4 No’s | Have it cut to the width of the smaller shelf

Step by Step Instructions

01. Start with building the leg supports using the 2 ½” screws and attach it using wood glue

02. Cut the shelves to the length of the closet. Have the shelf neatly threaded using two shelving boards on the bottom shelf whilst adding another two towards the top end.

Have the outer shelf boards carefully attached before evenly spacing out the two boards. One can use 1 ½” screws to attach the shelf unit to the wall to ensure tipping or racking is prevented.

03. Finally, measure the distance between the middle legs and continue with adding two additional shelves to attain industrial wooded style closet system.

Final Instructions

After finishing the project, you might find some gaping holes in the finished work. You can consider filling these neatly with wood fillers. After filling the gaps, allow ample time to have these dried.

If you find it necessary, you can also consider applying additional coats of wood fillers if required. Use sandpaper to completely sand out the wood grains and to remove any remaining residues.

Wipe the project clean with a damp cloth. Use a wood conditioner or a primer if needed.

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